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It's not only about WEIGHT LOSS, but so much more...

It's about being in better health, sleeping better, getting more energy to make the most of your days and life;

It's about feeling good about yourself, being comfortable in any clothes and underwear, having enough confidence to run the world as you really desire; 

It's about upgrading your lifestyle, your mindset, your habits, your knowledge, your fitness and nutrition skills;

It's about no having to think about your looking, your dress size and the numbers on the scale;

It's about so many things...


Hi, my name is Jenny Stones, I am a heels choreographer & coach, and I'm helping women reveal their beauty to the world.

I know exactly the felling it is to not feel good about yourself. 

I know the pain it is to be lazy with the desire to move forward.

I know how annoying it is to not seeing any results because of lack of knowledge.

I know the courage, the hard work and the commitment it asks to change for the better.

I know the struggle it is to find clothes that suit you when you are not happy about your looking, and the confidence it requires to wear bikinis in public.

I know how frustrating it is to eat only green, and also the guilt of gorging on "junk".

Yes I know all of this, because this was me a few years ago!

I spent too much time training crazy hours and trying every single diet out there, and I hated this!

I was never satisfied, not happy about myself, always comparing myself with others. I was grumpy, moody and tired... Which was very bad for my mental health.

Today I'm 33 I'm very energetic, I eat healthy most of the time, I find a way to stay active in an enjoyable way (dancing), but most importantly, I'm finally happy about myself.

It took me years to understand the importance of having a BALANCED lifestyle, and above all what is a balanced lifestyle. And since then, I manage to sustain that shape that I'm proud of, and I also work on building that unstoppable mindset.

If you too you would like to learn about it, implement changes in your life, and "get in shape", ring the bell, I'd be happy to help you.