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Where are we based?

In Central London. Pineapple Dance Studios, Danceworks Studio, and Base.

What is the timetable?

Monday : 6:15pm Intermediate - Pineapple Dance Studios. £13

Tuesday : 5:30pm Advanced - Base. £12

Wednesday : - 6:pm Technique Improver/intermediate. £14

                             - 7:00pm Chroreography All Levels - Danceworks Studio. £14

Saturday : 12:00pm Beginner/Improver - Danceworks Studio. £14

How to define your dance level?

Beginner - Less than 1 year of dancing. No dance technique. Barely able to pick up and remember choreographies.

Improver - Between 1 to 3 years of dancing. Have some notion and aware of your body. Slow to pick up and remember choreographies.

Intermediate - Between 3 to 5 years of dancing. Have dance technique, good dynamique, flexibility and strength. Good at picking up and remember choreographies.

Advanced - More than 5 years of dancing. Have a strong dance technique and body control, good lines, pay attention to details, good musicality. Fast to pick up and remember choreographies.

How to book the class?

On the studio's Website or App (Pineapple, Danceworks or Baseselect the day of the class to find it.

Private Lessons and Emerge Programme are bookable on our Website. Please go to the corresponding tab.

What is the difference between Drop-ins, Course, Workshop and Emerge 4-week Programme?

- Drop-ins, also called Open Classes: Pay as you go. (Single Lesson) No follow up. New Choreography (and across the floor) every week.

Course: Package of 4 Lessons. Open to small group of people. Sessions are linked to each others. It's the best way to improve your dance technique as the class is building over weeks.

Workshop also called MasterClass: Unique training session more in-depth and longer than a Drop-in class. 

Emerge 4-week Programme: Experience that will allow you to feel like the pros. This programme is based on camera work. You will be learning a single choreography over 3 weeks in order to film it. It's HIGHLY recommended to attend some drop-in classes before to be more confident and comfortable. 

What type of Heels to wear and where to buy them?

Stilettos peep toe ankle boots no higher than 8.5cm if you are beginner. NO platforms or chunky heels!

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Can I attend the class without heels?

The answer to this question is, WHY do you want to come in Heels class? 

Heels dance is a dance that is danced in heels... 

A class aims at learning, so if you don't know how to walk or dance in heels, Beginner Class is the best way and place to learn. The excuse "I'm a beginner, I don't know HOW TO" or " I don't have heels" shouldn't even occur to you.

Would you attend your first Ski lesson without ski? Figure Skating without Skate? Swimming without swim-wear? Driving with no bike/motorcycle/car.. How can you learn without the tool? It sounds silly right?

So can you attend a Heels Class without heels? You own the answer.

Which type of clothes shall I wear in heels class and why?

Comfortable black tight clothes (leggings, shorts, sport bras. leotards, crop-top). Nothing loose, oversized, tied around the waist.


Comfortable to be able to move.

Black always look good, and it's important that you feel beautiful to be able to reproduce "sexy" movements.

Tight to not hide your body. First, Heels is about creating shapes and lines, body posture, and highlighting women's body. So why would you hide? 

Second,  it will be easier for the teacher to read your movements and so give you corrections.

For Who?

Any Genders above 16 years old who want to enhance their femininity, boost their confidence and learn/improve their heels technique. If you're under 16, your parents must meet the teacher before the class.

All you must know about Jenny's heels dance vision.

For Jenny, Heels is the MOST aesthetic dance in the industry. 

For her Heels as a mix of Ballet, Commercial Dance, and Modelling.

Ballet for the lines, the grace and the elegance.

Commercial dance for the groove, the musicality and the dynamic.

Modelling for the charisma, the confidence and the "nonchalance beauty".

Heels has became a trend so it's hard to tell what it really is with social medias .

Putting on a pair of heels and dancing a random dance, that's not it!

There is a real technique, foundation and terminology behind this discipline which grows, evolves and improves day after day thanks to talented Heels masters. Jenny's favourite one is the Iconic Yanis Marshall.

It's always good to know the teacher's background and the dance technique he/she is using in the class to get an idea and know what to expect.

What Jenny does is Street-Jazz. She incorporates academic technique coming from Jazz and Ballet, and uses the dynamic and musicality of Urban dances. She loves smooth floorwork, lines, arches, but what she loves above all is "head releases", in other word hair whip!

About the music she uses in her classes ; Jenny loves old school pop, rock, disco, soul and funk music. She is not into Hip-Hop RnB music, but she occasionally could surprised you playing some tunes.

 I read Vogue Magazine, not PlayBoy! If you are at the same page, join Parisienne Touch. Jenny

Where are we based?
What is the timetable?
How to define your dance level?
How to book the class?
What is the difference between Drop-ins, Course, Workshop and Emerge 4-week Programme?
What type of Heels to wear and where to buy them?
Can I attend the class without heels?
What shall I wear in heels class and why?
For Who?
All you must know about Jenny's heels dance vision.
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