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team building activity london



  • Building confidence through a heels workshop

  • Correcting your body posture and understanding the power it has on your mindset

  • Working on your attitude and charisma

  • Improving your memory, coordination, rhythmic, flexibility, strength, balance, control…

  • Learning a short heels choreography adapted to your dance level 

  • Reducing stress and having a really good fun.

Develop your team spirit, your creativity and your confidence with the Parisienne Touch Heels workshop:  the most original and fun Team-Building activity for women.


Parisienne Touch knows that team spirit is the first step to success.

That’s why we created a Team Building Activity made for Women.

Heels have that UNIQUE power to mentally elevate us, women. Even if today this feminine accessory is worn less and less on a daily basis, they remain the essential of any wardrobe. 

Yes, Stilettos are worn in the most important moments of our life!


We offer you the opportunity to wear your favourite pair of heels for this occasion. Develop your team spirit through a Heels workshop: the most original and fun Team-Building activity for Women.

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