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Each week a new tutorial will be released. FREE DANCE TUTORIALS and discount for Heels Dance Shoes  are available in the FREE members Area.

Jenny Stones put in place The Parisienne Touch Tutorial Platform to allow women from all over the word to embrase their feminity, feel confident, sexy and empowered from home

 ☞ You don’t know how to use your feminine asset to seduce your partner or people?

 ☞ You desire to awaken your inner bombshell but you don’t know how to or you think it is not for you? 

 ☞ You are not confident enough to open the door of a dance studio because you are scared to be judged?

 ☞ You got a baby and don't feel sexy anymore?

 ☞ As Woman you want to reclaim your FEMININITY back?

I’m the way too old for that!

Nicole Scherzinger (42yo), J-Lo (51yo) and Beyonce (39yo) are not 20 anymore too. Being able to dance with such a boldness and confidence requires maturity, and of course mobility. 

You have the maturity, and I’m going to teach you the technique to be like these women who run the world without fear. 

Why tutorials?

Dance Tutorials last FOREVER and you can replay as often as you wantVirtual and drop-in classes instead ends when the class is over meaning you cannot continue to progress after.

By purchasing tutorials you will be able to have access to them your whole life and practice the dance routines over and over again whenever you want. 

OK, but I don't want to wear heels at home?

You can also do the heels dance tutorials barefoot, in socks, in trainers, in slippers... The dance routines are very SEXY, so even without heels you feel like a goddess ready to enhance your feminine power from your living-room. 

I’m not sure I can do it

You own your body and you know it more than everyone. You just need a little push to be freaking sexy, and some practice. It is in you more than you kwow. You just need to awaken the bombshell sleeping inside of you. Trust me these heels dance tutorials are all you need to be on fire.

OK, How should I do to become a member? 

You just need to sign in. Enter your name, email adress, create a password and here we go.

Once the choreography learnt do not hesitate to record yourself or take a selfie, to share it on social media with the hashtag #heelsdanceStones and to tag @parisiennetouch.

Have Fun!



Heels Dance Choreography - Partition 

Partition Tuto

Heels Dance Tutorial - Partition




Heels Dance Choreography  - Breath on Me

Heels Dance Tutorial - Breath on Me




Heels Dance Choreography  - React

Heels Dance Tutorial - React


Untitled design-6.png


Heels Dance Choreography  - Ain't It Funny

Heels Dance Tutorial - Ain't It Funny


Untitled design-7.png


Heels Dance Choreography  - Wild Thoughts

Heels Dance Tutorial - Wild Thoughts